Meet The Wealth Creation Team

Ken Okazaki
Ken OkazakiCEO
A creator at heart, always looking for ways to make the world and people around him more enjoyable, beautiful, and fun.
Soft Skills 75%
Tech Skills 70%
Creative 94%
Manami Yoshida
Manami YoshidaGeneral Manager
Specializes in making each event a life-changing experience. Attention to detail and a contagious can-do attitude is always welcome.
Soft Skills 96%
Tech Skills 50%
Creative 70%
Sei Kamoi
Sei KamoiIT, Database, Communications
The genius that keeps the company humming smoothly along. Managing the database and communications is no small feat for anyone, but Sei does an extraordinary job of keeping everything afloat.
Soft Skills 70%
Tech Skills 95%
Creative 80%
Noboru Yoshida
Noboru YoshidaLogistics Manager
Onsite and ready for action, Noboru keeps the event setup, process, and takedown running smoothly.
Communication is also an important part of his job, which he takes seriously.
Soft Skills 63%
Tech Skills 89%
Creative 70%

Hosting Seminars & Changing Lives Internationally



To bring international ideas and speakers together with Japanese culture and professionalism.


To create an open-minded community of people who love continuous learning and new experiences.


To share world-class experiences with our clients and to help each one progress to their own personal next step.